Ukrainian Evening 11 December 2023

Posted: 12 December

A Flavorful Journey to Ukraine: A Night of Food, Music, and Philanthropy

On a bleak winter night, we had the incredible opportunity to embark on a flavorful journey to Ukraine. Organized by our club member's partner, Alla, and her group of Ukrainian friends and family, this food tasting evening was a delightful fusion of traditional cuisine, captivating music, and a noble cause. Join us as we recount this memorable experience that left our taste buds satisfied, our hearts touched, and our commitment to helping others strengthened.

Savoring the Traditional Delights:

The evening commenced with a starter that instantly transported us to the heart of Ukraine—Borscht. This vibrant and hearty beetroot soup, served with a dollop of sour cream, awakened our palates and set the stage for the culinary adventure that awaited us. The buffet that followed was a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds, with an endless array of mouthwatering savory dishes showcasing the rich flavors and diverse ingredients of Ukrainian cuisine. But no meal is complete without a dessert, right? No surprise then that this was followed by a generous amount of Ukrainian desserts - and in terms of flavour they were a perfect match for the preceding savory courses!

And it would not have been a traditional Ukrainian evening if there was no Vodka involved - a few of us tasted a shot and absolutely loved it! "Budmo!" 🍸

 A Symphony of Music and Culture:

As we indulged in the delectable dishes, we were serenaded by a choir of 13 talented Ukrainian ladies. Their enchanting voices filled the room, carrying us away on a melodic journey through the rich musical heritage of Ukraine. The traditional Ukrainian songs they performed were not only beautiful but also deeply moving, evoking a sense of pride, nostalgia, and a connection to the culture and history of this remarkable country.

Supporting Ukrainian Children through UNICEF:

In addition to the culinary and musical delights, Alla and her friends were also dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of Ukrainian children. Throughout the evening, they passionately shared their efforts to raise funds for a UNICEF collection, aiming to provide support and assistance to children in need. Their unwavering commitment to this cause resonated with all of us, reminding us of the importance of compassion and collective action in creating a better world.

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